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Sandalwood Patchoulli Whipped Body Butter

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Muna Mohammed

Sandalwood Patchoulli Whipped Body Butter

Logan Blythe
Smooth and light

I ordered two body butters from this brand and I love them! A little goes a long way and the scent isn’t over powering at all. I really like that the product comes in glass as well. Overall a great product and worth the price.

Smells nice but beware

I received a total of 4 body butters from Silk + Noir a little over a month ago and while I can attest to how wonderful they all smell, a second evaluation has revealed that all of my body butters melted in transit, totally eliminating the whipped consistency.
I will admit, I was very happy with the product upon its initial arrival (it was my first time using a whipped body butter so I didn't quite know what to expect) but upon receiving a second shipment in my new—albeit cooler—state I now see how soft and fluffy the consistency should have been.
I always wondered how others got through an entire bottle so much quicker, but now it makes sense...the firmness of the re-solidified butter makes it less spreadable and more difficult to use in comparison.
Oh well. At least they still bring the much needed moisture back into my skin and that's what matters most

Rachel Roundtree

This is my boyfriend’s favorite scent it has a smell that gives it a sort of masculinity but I could also wear it myself. The consistency of your body butters are amazing and we’re both noticing how much softer and more moisturized our skin is becoming. Will be purchasing again!

Johnna Pelle

This is my favorite body butter.I absolutely love the smell.