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Marshmallow + Citrus Whip Moisturizing Body Oil
Brittany Robinson (Florida, United States)
It’s good… real good

Just what I was looking for… great scent and lasting moisture. It’s goodness in a jar!

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Dee (New Hampshire, United States)
In love!

The perfect smell, the perfect hydration, the perfect skin.

This product is everything!!!

Milk, Oats, & Honey Whipped Body Cream
Tanisha (District of Columbia, United States)
Smells so good

This has a fruity scent to me. It's a little thicker than the previous butters I've purchased but it's still lightweight on my body. 10/10

This is one of my favorite scents. I can use this everyday and not get tired of the smell. It smells so calming and luxurious. I love putting this on after I shower. Makes my skin look tan and it feels very moisturizing.

This smells heavenly. I love putting this on after a nice, warm bath especially on days I want to feel extra girly.

I have been so obsessed with my lotions and body oil. The oats and honey oil smells kind of like cherry almond soap I loved growing up as a kid, I'm a snack when lathered. The coconut milk and lavender I use in the morning, post shower. The cashmere and cocoa butter is my nighttime, feel sexy lotion.
My skin is actually soft, and hydrated for days after use, and a little goes such a long way which I always appreciate. You can see the difference in your skin, especially if you've been dry this winter. This stuff is gold, I've been telling all my friends!! Thank you S+N!!!

I absolutely love the smell. My skin feels so soft, too.

Cocoa Butter + Cashmere Body Oil
CJC (Virginia, United States)
Nice oil but scent doesn't translate

This is a fine body oil but it does not smell like the other items with this scent. Waiting on the shea butter to return!

The scent is AMAZING! The scent combo made me raise an eyebrow but it blends so well. One doesn’t overpower the other.

The scent isn’t overbearing and the oil isn’t heavy like others. I absolutely love it. It also pairs well with cocoa based scents.

Warm Vanilla Sugar Moisturizing Body Oil
Shaylah Mathis (Pennsylvania, United States)

Overall I think it is a great oil, definitely will be adding to my daily routine however I feel like it should smell a tad stronger instead of a “hint” of vanilla. But that simply might be because I love vanilla scent lol. Will recommend and purchase in the future

Cocoa Butter + Cashmere Whipped Body Cream
W.R. (Texas, United States)
Best Body Cream!

I received my order yesterday and was immediately obsessed. Smells divine and lives up to all the positive reviews. Just ordered again and can’t wait to get some for family and friends. After my testing it out feel like it lasted about half a day which is good enough for me. Hubby loves the scent as well which is a plus!!

Cocoa Butter + Cashmere Whipped Body Cream
krysco (New York, United States)

There's something almost nostalgic about the Cocoa Butter + Cashmere whipped body cream, and I totally get the hype. This is feminine energy in a jar, and I think it's incredible. Such a good anytime, anyplace sort of scent, and the hydration is top tier. My skin literally glistens after I apply any of Silk + Noir's whipped body creams!

Coconut Water + Pineapple Whipped Body Cream
krysco (New York, United States)
formula is incredible, scent is mid

I purchased three whipped body creams: this one, Marshmallow + Citrus, and Cocoa Butter + Cashmere. This one is hands down my least favorite. The formula of the whipped body creams is incredible and consistent through all the scents I've tried, but I thought I was going to get a piña colada type of scent from this, and it's actually nothing like coconut water or pineapple. I get a lot of the musk, which is like a skin musk to my nose, and it just smells a bit off putting.

Marshmallow + Citrus Whip Whipped Body Cream
krysco (New York, United States)
Smells Even More Luxurious Than "Love Don't Be Shy"

This cream smells exactly like Killian's LDBS, but better. It's so soft and luxurious that applying it to my skin was an experience in itself. The scent is so spot on that layering with LDBS was overkill. This has enough projection and lasting power that I feel like I don't even need the actual perfume anymore! 10/10 highly recommend!

Coconut + Mango Whipped Body Cream
Sodany (Minnesota, United States)
Okay Scent

I thought I was going to love this one because I love the smell of coconut and mango but this wasn’t for me. The two scents did not seem to pair well as it didn’t have the tropical mango or coconut smell (I can’t really smell the coconut). I feel like the formula for this whipped body cream was more of a lotion than a cream because it was a bit watery.

I love this particular body creme. The only downside for me is the duties I pay here in Canada. $41 every time I order. And I have never had any discount from this shop

Warm Vanilla Sugar Moisturizing Body Oil
veronica (Maryland, United States)
Yummy Scent

This oil is nourishing and smells great! Lightweight and not over powering. Will purchase again.

Very smooth, love the smell

I can’t say enough how much I LOVE this stuff! I use the unscented daily because I work for an allergist. I mix the scented body cream and oils other days. The scents are HEAVENLY!! My skin stays hydrated all day and a little goes a long way.

Cocoa Butter + Cashmere Whipped Body Cream
Mary tucker (Virginia, United States)

OMG!!!!! As soon as I opened the jar and smelled it I said this is my new favorite. It not only smells amazing but left my skin feeling soft. 10/10. I’ll definitely be be buying more.

Cocoa Butter + Cashmere Whipped Body Cream
Daph (Missouri, United States)
❤️the smelllllll

I bought this whipped body cream because they’ve been sold out the body butter for MONTHS. But I’ve repeatedly come back because it’s SO GOOD.